Sexual Harassment at Work

CASE STUDIES: Sexual Harassment at Work

Our workplace harassment lawyers can help you through every step of making a sexual harassment claim. This includes drafting your complaint, gathering evidence to support your claim, and representing you in court or arbitration.

Arbitration is a way to settle workplace disputes without going through a long and expensive trial. In the case of Plaintiff X (“Employee”), she claimed that she had been the target of sexual harrasment whilst working for the Defendant Y (“Employer”). The Plaintiff initiated the claim against the Defendant for discrimination and harassment, and failure to prevent discrimination and harassment in the workplace. Both parties agreed to arbitration, and a final award of $642,756.79 was issued in favor of the Plaintiff, and against the Defendant.

The case serves as an important reminder that employers must take steps to prevent sexual harassment in the workplace, or they may be held liable for damages incurred by their employees.