Pregnancy Discrimination

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Defending Against Pregnancy Discrimination in the Workplace

Too often, expectant mothers experience pregnancy discrimination in the workplace even with federal and state laws designed to stop pregnancy discrimination. An experienced pregnancy discrimination lawyer can advise you on your rights and file a claim.

Per the Fair Employment and Housing Law, if you are currently pregnant, an employer cannot fire, refuse to hire, demote, or take any other adverse action against you even if the employer believes that taking the adverse action against you is in your best interest.

You also cannot be fired based on a past pregnancy or pregnancy-related medical condition or childbirth. You can't be fired without cause because of pregnancy during or at the end of your maternity leave.

You cannot be denied a job you are qualified to do based on your intention to get pregnant or because you are of childbearing age.

Since breastfeeding is a pregnancy-related condition, an employer may not discriminate against you because of your breastfeeding schedule.

If you believe you've experienced pregnancy discrimination in the workplace or a pregnancy-related discrimination, our team of pregnancy discrimination lawyers can help.

The circumstances of every case are different, but these are some of the recent settlements we won for our clients:

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Pregnancy discrimination
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There are thousands of complaints of pregnancy discrimination in the workplace tracked by the Equal Employment Opportunity Commission each year in the United States. Many more cases likely go unreported. Don't let your employer intimidate you into not asserting your rights under state and federal law

Some of the most common ways employers are guilty of pregnancy discrimination in the workplace:

  • refusal to hire someone who is pregnant
  • treating a pregnant employee differently than any other temporarily disabled employee
  • requiring a pregnant employee to continue doing things that put them at risk
  • failure to offer the same (or similar) job after maternity leave
  • demoting, laying off, or firing for no valid reason
  • forcing a pregnant employee to take leave just because she is pregnant
  • withholding benefits due to marital status

Our team of experienced California pregnancy discrimination lawyers can navigate the entire process from drafting your complaint, to gathering evidence to support your pregnancy discrimination in the workplace claim, to being by your side in court or at the arbitration table.