Meal and Rest Breaks

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Experienced California Lawyers Get You Compensation for Lost Meal and Rest Breaks

Have you been denied meal or rest breaks at work?  

California law requires that qualifying employees get uninterrupted time to handle personal business or to relax during a longer shift.

You don’t have to eat on a meal break.

Because the California laws that require proper periods away from the duties of your job can be confusing, some employers take advantage and deny workers the breaks they deserve.

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Every case is different, but recent clients of Remedy Law Group have been awarded these settlements after being denied required breaks by an employer:

Employment Case Results

Failure to pay overtime wages and provide meal breaks
Disclaimer: These verdicts/settlements do not constitute a guarantee, warranty, or prediction regarding the outcome of your case and may not represent the final disposition of the case via appeal, settlement, or by other means.

If you believe you’ve been unfairly denied meal or rest breaks while at work, our top California employment lawyers can review your situation and fight to get you the premium pay you are entitled to under California’s meal and rest break laws.

We navigate the entire process from drafting your complaint, to filing it in the correct forum, to gathering evidence to support your meal or rest break claim, to being by your side in court or at the arbitration table.