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Harassment in the workplace is illegal under both federal and California law.

You are protected from being harassed on the basis of your race, sex, gender, national origin, or disability status.

Harassment occurs when the harassing party engages in unwanted conduct or behavior that falls outside their job description or official duties. It might look like rude jokes or inappropriate comments that offend you or make you feel like your job security or safety is in jeopardy.

It is important to distinguish when workplace harassment crosses the line and becomes unlawful.

If these are not isolated incidents, you may also be dealing with a hostile work environment. Under California law,  employers are required to take reasonable steps to prevent and correct wrongful behavior in the workplace.

Our experienced team of California workplace harassment lawyers will review your situation to determine if you have experienced harassment in the workplace and can file a workplace harassment claim for you.

Workplace harassment and discrimination are very similar because both types of inappropriate conduct can be related to your status as a protected class under state or federal law.

Discrimination occurs when action is taken against you by someone performing their official duties, like making hiring decisions or giving out job assignments or promotions. 

If you believe you have been a victim of workplace harassment or discrimination, our team of workplace harassment lawyers can help.

The circumstances of every case are different, but these are some of the recent settlements we won for our clients:

Employment Case Results

Disability discrimination and wrongful termination
Disability discrimination and failure to accommodate disability
Disability discrimination and wrongful termination
Failure to hire due to perceived disability
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Our team of experienced California employment law attorneys can navigate the entire process from drafting your complaint, to gathering evidence to support your workplace harassment claim, to being by your side in court or at the arbitration table.