Victory in PAGA Case

CASE STUDIES: Victory in PAGA Case

Remedy Law Group LLP secured a significant settlement for a group of employees under the Californian Private Attorneys General Act (PAGA).

PAGA was established as an effective way for employees to address labor code violations. It also ensures settlements are fair, reasonable, and adequate. 

In a recent case, Remedy Law Group LLP represented a former employee in a case against their employer. After successful mediation by the Remedy Law Group LLP, the parties agreed to a settlement. This allowed the Plaintiff to recover civil penalties for Labor Code violations on behalf of themselves, the state, and other employees. 

However, the decision was challenged in an overlapping PAGA case by another employee who filed a motion to intervene in the original case, in the first instance, as well as appeal against the settlement. 

Remedy Law Group LLP was able to successfully defend the original decision in the PAGA case and secured a $920,000 settlement on behalf of the employees.