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Job discrimination in any form is illegal. Hiring decisions, promotions, salary increases, and similar benefits cannot be awarded or withheld based on factors such as race, color, or sex that are beyond the control of the employee.  

In addition to this, decisions to fire, demote, or otherwise make conditions unpleasant for an employee based on his, her, or their national origin, age, or disability is also illegal under federal law.

If you believe you have experienced job discrimination, you need the expertise of an experienced job discrimination attorney to help with your defense and get you the compensation you deserve.

What is Job Discrimination?

Job discrimination occurs when an employee, or employee applicant, is treated differently based on factors they have no control over.

Under federal and state law, this includes race, color, religion, sex (pregnancy, sexual orientation, or gender identity), national origin, age (40 or older), disability, or genetic information.

In California, employees are not only protected against all forms of job discrimination as noted above, but protection is also extended to the following:

How Do You Prove Job Discrimination?

To prove job discrimination and/or wrongful termination in California, you may need to present evidence that:

  • You have been treated unjustly by one of your protected characteristics - Such as age, race, gender, religion, disability and national origin.
  • You are qualified, capable and honest and performed your job satisfactorily
  • The discrimination has negatively affected your job - Despite your qualification for the position, an adverse employment decision made against you.
  • Job decisions were not objective - Criteria for making job decisions should be objective, time bound, measurable and realistic.
  • There is a pattern of unfair treatment at work - Compare your work, conduct and treatment to that of those outside of your protected class as much as possible.
  • You do not agree with the job discrimination or retaliation actions - Get it on record that you do not agree with the job discriminatory action and its fraudulent justification.
  • Someone outside of your protected class filled your position   

If you believe you are the victim of job discrimination or wrongful termination as a result of job discrimination, we can help you. Speak with an experienced job discrimination attorney who can help you navigate the complicated landscape of federal and state employment law.

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Every case is different, but recent clients of Remedy Law Group have been awarded these settlements as a result of job discrimination.

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